Manhattan For Commercial Agencies (LLC) is the first private company to sell security American goods to the Iraqi Government not through FMS. We have become a trusted partner to governments by providing their needs in the shortest delivery time, best quality and at competitive prices.
Manhattan provides all around service that includes spare parts and training for pilots, operators, mechanics and electricians.



•    Individual weapon, pistols and rifles.
•    Non-lethal riot and crowd control equipment and ammunition.
•    All types of Ammunition to include Mill Spec. Nato and non Nato standard.
•    Personal gear, Armor, holsters and helmets
•    Optical systems for infantry troops, binoculars, rifles binoculars with red dot aiming system portable and fixed observatory systems.
•    NVG and thermal optical system as portable or stationary sight systems
•    Gas masks 
•    Clothes
•    Googgles 
•    Heavy machine gun 12.7mm caliber
•    Ammunition for 12.7, 5.56…. etc.
•    40 mm grenade launcher, either standalone or part of personal rifle 
•    Military vehicles.
•    7.62 Gatling gun
•    UAV
•    Helicopters 
•    Spare parts 
•    Aviation Training 
•    Communications System 
•    Aircrope clothing 
•    Helmets
•    Aircrope boots
•    NVG for pilots
•    Body armour
•    Helicopter upgrading systems
•    Fire control management systems
•    Optical systems
•    Integration solutions